Company Roles & Permissions

Roles are designed to allow companies to set up new users with various levels of permission to access sales information and resources. By default, the Company Administrator is a Super-User with full permissions.

How to Update Roles & Permissions

1) Sign in to your account as Company Administrator

2) Go to the My Account Area and select Roles & Permissions.

From this screen, you can add, edit, duplicate or delete a User Role.

The system has one predefined Default User role, which you can use “as is” or modify to suit your needs. You can create as many roles as necessary to match your company structure.

3) When adding or editing a User Role, the Company Administrator can set permissions. 

If a Company wants sub-users to be able to use the 'Pay on Account' payment method, then they must ensure this permission is selected as in the screenshot below:

Help, my users can't place orders

If you have users that are unable to place orders at checkout, it is likely because they do not have permission to 'Pay on Account'

In order to fix this, make sure that the Role their user is assigned, has the 'Pay on Account' permission selected as per the screenshot below: