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With over 100 stands, this year is officially our biggest event yet! The newly branded Cater Expo 2023 brings you the biggest brands in food and drink - featuring some NEW names which have never attended before!


Only registered customers who attend the event will gain access to our online exclusive event deals. Not all customers are eligible for offers.

Our event deals can be purchased from Tuesday 19th September till Wednesday 27th September. Any orders placed after Wednesday 27th September will not receive the event price. Normal terms and conditions apply. Simply click on each supplier logo and take advantage of our biggest savings of the year!


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Stand 1


Stand 2

Hilcona AG

Stand 3

Three Oceans

Stand 4

iPro Hydrate

Stand 5

Innovate Foods

Stand 6

The Ice Co

Stand 7

Cawston Press

Stand 8

Northern Bloc

Stand 9

Bennett Opie

Stand 10

Paramount 21

Stand 11

Speciality Breads

Stand 12


Stand 13

The Sausage Man

Stand 14

Whitby Seafoods

Stand 15

Essential Cuisine

Stand 16

Belvoir Farm Drinks

Stand 17

Unilever Food Solutions

Stand 18


Stand 19

Mars Wrigley

Stand 20

Suncream Ice Cream

Stand 21

Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners

Stand 22

Futura Foods

Stand 23

Handmade Cake Company Ltd

Stand 24

Mademoiselle Desserts

Stand 25

Dr Oetker Professional

Stand 26

Proper Cornish

Stand 27

Purity Soft Drinks

Stand 28

Coptrin Group

Stand 29

Lakeland Dairies

Stand 30

Kingsmill Professional

Stand 31


Stand 32

Aulds Delicious Desserts

Stand 33

Nestle Professional

Stand 34

Arla Foods

Stand 35

Handmade Speciality Products Ltd

Stand 36

Worldbake Ltd

Stand 37


Stand 38

Rosie & Jim

Stand 39


Stand 40


Stand 41


Stand 42


Stand 43

Central Foods

Stand 44

Bannisters Farm (Farmhouse Potato Bakers Ltd)

Stand 45

Cornish Sea Salt

Stand 46


Stand 47

Meadow Vale Foods

Stand 48

Rich Sauces

Stand 49

Melitta UK Ltd (Cofresco)

Stand 50


Stand 51

More Foods Sussex Limited

Stand 52

Primepak Foods Ltd

Stand 53


Stand 54


Stand 55

Chantilly Patisserie

Stand 56


Stand 57

Kara Foodservice

Stand 58

Becketts Foods Ltd

Stand 59

Cooldelight Desserts

Stand 60

Pipers Crisps

Stand 61

Walkers Pepsico

Stand 62

AB World Foods

Stand 63

Weetabix Ltd

Stand 64


Stand 65

Radnor Hills

Stand 66

Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd

Event Deals

Stand 67

Taylors of Harrogate

Stand 68

Cereal Partners

Stand 69

Turner Price - Fresh

Event Deals

Stand 70

Daymer Bay

Stand 71


Stand 72

Baker & Baker

Stand 73

Henley Bridge

Stand 74

Quorn Foods

Stand 75


Stand 76

KP Snacks

Stand 77

Franklin & Sons

Stand 78


Stand 79

Kraft Heinz

Event Deals

Stand 80

Violife Professional

Stand 81

Aimia Foods Limited

Stand 82

AG Barr

Stand 83

Moving Mountains

Stand 84

Kings Fine Cooked Meats

Stand 85

Premier Foods

Stand 86

R H Amar

Stand 87

Tata Consumer Products

Stand 88


Stand 89

Calbee Group UK

Stand 90

Santa Maria

Event Deals

Stand 91


Stand 92

Lamb Weston

Stand 93

Stokes Sauces

Stand 94

Carron Lodge

Stand 95

Pizza Plus Foodservice

Stand 96

Harrogate Spring Water Limited

Stand 97


Event Deals

Stand 98


Event Deals

Stand 99

Destiny Foods

Stand 100

Turner Price - Christmas

Event Deals

Stand 101

Arrow Oil

Stand 102


Stand 103

WARP Snacks

Stand 104

Love Struck Ltd

Stand 105

Yew Tree Dairy

Event Deals

Stand 106

Turner Price

Event Deals

Stand 107

Country Range

Stand 108

Turner Price