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Hotel food draws the crowds!

Traditionally, we all visited hotels to stay the night. We would only usually eat breakfast, and then we would leave. Things have had to change fast in the hotel sector, as the traditional business model failed to pay the bills! Hotels have becomes destinations due to Michelin star restaurants and chefs, due to Health Spas and healthy eating options. Business meetings are now held in dedicated conference halls, and wedding guests can now enjoy champagne and canapes on the outside lawns whist being protected from the elements by grand marques.

Multi-Skilled Chefs

Due to the diversity of the food catering required in a modern hotel, the team of chefs need to be multi-talented and multi-skilled. They need to have the skills to develop Wedding menus that cater for differing budgets and tastes, whilst at the same time keeping an eye on the daily P&L of the a la carte restaurant menu. Head Chefs in hotels are more like business managers, as they balance the staff required to cook and prepare foods from breakfast, events, business buffets and late dinner meals...whilst at the same time ensuring they keep their menus and ingredients on the cutting edge and keep up with the trends of the industry. Hard work, long hours and a dedication to their profession are key attributes to be a hotel chef.

A Bride's Choice

How do brides chose their ideal hotel for their wedding reception? It's certainly got something to do with the hotel location and setting so the photographer can create wonderful memories of their special day. But a prime consideration is also the quality of the wedding food. Research shows, that guests remember the food and the best man's speech more than anything else.