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Frozen desserts now look and taste as good as home-made, and the modern chef or café owner have a real dilemma.  Do they make their own desserts and pay the skills of a highly trained pastry chef, or do they choose a premium individually portion frozen dessert ensuring they make a good GP?  There is no right answer, but it very much depends upon your budget and the size of your restaurant or establishment or event.  Fresh Cream costs, time, seasonality of fresh fruit and personal preference will eventually decide whether they bake their own or buy one in!

    Individual 36 items
    Bar Gateau 4 items
    Cake 59 items
    Cheesecake 17 items
    Tart 19 items
    Pie 7 items
    Traybake 25 items
    Loaf Cakes 2 items
    Meringues 1 item
    Roulades 3 items
    Other 10 items
    Chantilly 12 items
    Classic Desserts 13 items
    Country Range 44 items
    Daim 1 item
    Erlenbacher 4 items
    Flower & White 1 item
    Handmade Cake Company 16 items
    Kara 1 item
    La Lorraine 1 item
    Ministry of Cake 9 items
    Panesco 3 items
    Proper Maid 9 items
    Sidoli 10 items
    Vanier 5 items
    Prestige Foods 5 items
    CSM 6 items
    Mademoiselle Desserts 6 items
    Aulds 4 items
    FoodFellas 1 item
    Cool Delight 1 item
    Brodericks 2 items
    Cakesmiths 5 items
    Celery 162 items
    Cereals Containing Gluten 34 items
    Crustacea 164 items
    Eggs 24 items
    Fish 164 items
    Lupin 163 items
    Milk 20 items
    Molluscs 163 items
    Mustard 161 items
    Peanuts 92 items
    Sesame Seeds 161 items
    Soya Beans 55 items
    Sulphur Dioxide 140 items
    Tree Nuts 40 items
    Coeliacs 29 items
    Halal 4 items
    Kosher 6 items
    Lactose Intolerance 15 items
    Vegan 15 items
    Vegetarian 137 items
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Handmade Cake Company Chocolate Brownie Square
Size: 1 × 15PPTN
Country Range 2 Layer Alabama Fudge Cake
Size: 16 × 1"
Country Range Gluten Free Handmade Carrot Cake
Size: 1 × 14PPTN
Country Range Belgian Waffles
Size: 20 × 85G
Handmade Cake Company Caramel Shortcake
Size: 1 × 12PPTN
Country Range Lemon Meringue Pie
Size: 12 × 1"
Country Range Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding Individual
Size: 12 × 130G
Country Range White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake
Size: 1 × 12PPTN
Country Range Hand Made Victoria Sponge Cake
Size: 14 × 1"
Country Range Salted Caramel Cheesecake
Size: 12 × 1"
Country Range Premium Chocolate Cherry Ombre Cake
Size: 1 × 14PPTN
Classic Desserts Jaffa Orange Cake
Size: 14 × 1"
Classic Desserts Unicorn Fantasy Cake
Size: 14 × 1"
Country Range Bakewell Tart
Size: 12 × 1"
Country Range Triple Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake
Size: 16 × 1"
Handmade Cake Company All Butter Flapjack
Size: 1 × 12PPTN
Handmade Cake Company Caramel Shortcake Square
Size: 1 × 15PPTN
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