Fabulous Fries!

This brand new launch from Country Range makes fries become centre stage, instead of being in the background. Strengthening the existing own brand range, these three, fabulous fries have shown how important a good chip really is! 

Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside has always been the top rule for chips and fries. But the ball game has changed and chips now need to be SO much more. 

Top quality, consistent and staying crisp are some of the challenges chefs battle with when it comes to fries... but not now. 

Using the latest chip-technology, these fries have proved their impeccable crispness on the outside, with a soft, fluffy potato on the inside. Whilst being quick, convenient and hassle free!

Lightly salted and pre-fried in sunflower oil, for the environment, the opportuites for these products are endless. 

Country Range Double Crunch 10mm

Fries made for the catering! Special coating, golden in colour, unbelievably crunchy, gluten-free and the list goes on.

Country Range Double Crunch Fries remain crisp for over 40 minutes! Customers can enjoy their fresh cooked fresh, believing they've come straight out the fryer! Great for takeaway settings or fast paced establishments. Simply deep fry and these beauties are ready in 3-4 minutes!

Country Range Double Crunch 14mm

Amazingly golden in colour, the ingenious coating gives the best texture and a crunchy outer.  The centre of the products stays soft for an unbelievable 40 minutes, once taken out of the fryer or oven. Made from fontane potatoes and completely allergen free.  Excellent for food-to-go, takeaways, buffets or chefs working under heat lamps.

Country Range Triple Cooked Chunky Fries

Chunky fries are just the product for traditional pub settings. Classic thicker cut, triple cooked chips are a unique product in the market.

Our thick chips have a bespoke cooking process to ensure they have a delicious, almost mash potato like  centre and stay crisp for at least 20 minutes!

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