Country Range

The leading independent foodservice brand

The Country Range brand holds over 800 products in ambient, frozen, chilled and non-food and introduces 40-50 new products each year! These own brand products provide value for money, without having to compromise on the quality - and that's proved by many multiple awards. From bouillons, baking ingredients and delicious handmade cakes, the range even includes gluten free, diary free and vegan products.  
Turner Price are proud of our high-quality own brand that is designed for the foodservice channel. The new products launches reflect the needs and demands of professional caterers, as well meeting the upcoming food trends.

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Why Country Range?

Over 800 products

Multiple Awards

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Meet FSA guidelines on reducing sugar and fats

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Our brand policies

Our products do not contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

We’re working to meet the voluntary targets set by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for the sodium salt contents of specific foods by 2017.

We’re committed to meeting the FSA and Department of Health initiatives on reducing the nation’s intake of excessive sugars and fats.

All hydrogenated fats are to be removed from our products and shall not be used in the development of any new products.

We are working with our suppliers who use palm oil towards sourcing this material from sustainable managed sources that do not cause such damage to the environment.


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