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Veganise Your Favourite Dishes

Veganise Your Favourite Dishes
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You Don't Have To Stop Eating Your Favourite Dishes When Going Vegan 

Our suppliers are great in helping us to become a better self. Great brands such as Paramount21, Quorn and others know that changing your menu can be challenging and therefore, they are bringing some great options for your plates. Definitely worth a try! 

Penang Curry






Paramount 21 knows just the right dish for Veganuary.

Aromatic coconut sauce with cauliflower, green beans, mangetout and peppers will help your body gain all the nutrients you need.




Vegan Meatballs





Vegan up your typical meatball dishes with Linda McCartney.

They are so tasty so you can enjoy them on their own or mix them with your favourite sauce. 




Vegan Sausages 





Turn your traditional Bangers and Mash into sensational vegan dish with KaterVeg sausages. 

The product is also great for other dishes including casseroles or hotdogs!

What will be your choice?

Vegan Fillets




There's is no end to meal ideas with Quorn Vegan fillets. Great to season, marinade, cut into strips or serve whole. 

Recreate your favourite meals with this delicious alternative!



Aromatic Garden Burger 






Another great product from Paramount 21: Vegan burger patty. Produced with spiced mix of broad beans, beans and spinach in a oat and herb flecked breadcrumbs. 






3 January 2022
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