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What's Brewing?

What's Brewing?

Our love of a fresh brew or crafted cup of coffee has not diminished since lockdown, in fact, the ritual tea break has become a fundamental part of daily life. Whether it is a regular “cup of joe” to get moving in the morning, or the meditative process of making tea to provide normality and comfort in an otherwise chaotic world. The everyday escapism provided by cafes to meet friends or find a corner for contemplation was missed by the public, with 42.6% citing it as the social outing of that they craved during lockdown.


Latte Love for Coffee

The Latte tops the coffee leader board, accounting for 57% of the market share, closely followed by the Cappuccino, Flat White and Americano. Syrups have profitability supported coffee sales for a while. Enticing coffee drinkers with caramel and vanilla flavours and festive seasonal flavours, such as gingerbread, cinnamon, crème brûlée and honeycomb. MONIN is the UK consumers favourite syrup brand and are willing to pay an extra 71p for their flavour of choice. This add up to an extra £30 in value added sales per 70cl bottle.



Take Time for Tea

Coffee may never have been more fashionable, but tea is where our heart is at. Britons consume around 165 million cups of tea per day, 70 million more than coffee. Black tea is the market leader, with Breakfast Tea being the firm favourite. “Getting this offering right is crucial. Yorkshire Tea is the nation’s number one tea brand by value in grocery retail, and as consumers will be looking for the brew they know and love, Yorkshire Tea should be a central part of any out of home offer.” (Natalie King, OOH Manager at Taylors of Harrogate). However, herbal and fruit tea is once again seeing a resurgence, some of the key drivers for this are healthy eating trends, digestion benefits and drinking teas to help you sleep and relax. Chamomile, mint, jasmine and green tea have been a staple of the hot beverage menu, but we are seeing more inspiring blends and ingredients which provide solutions to mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression and stress as well as physical concerns of diabetes, high blood pressure and weight loss.



Chocolate Cravings

Hot chocolate is the perfect indulgence for adults and kids as the weather get colder. Whether it’s topped with cream and marshmallows or is served in small cups as a thick, rich and luxurious treat, it soothes the soul and is the epitome of Christmas. Try switching it up by offering different flavours with the syrups we spoke about earlier. The salted caramel, honeycomb, gingerbread and black forest flavours will be a hit this winter!


Care Sector Catering

No matter what the temperature is outside, elderly residents need to stay hydrated in order to remain healthy. Teatime treats are also a must-have to assist with their daily calorie intake. While isolation regulations are still in place, try to introduce a bit of theatre. Delivering retro-coffee shop style menus featuring daily specials, or hot chocolate and malted chocolate drinks as Halloween and Bonfire Night approaches.