Pubs & Gastro Pubs

Fabulous Food!

"Pub Grub" has come a long way in the last 10 years, and now this sector is one of the fatest growing and innovative in Food Service. Pub chefs have changed the dining experience, and now deliver dishes that concentrate on ingredients that are locally produced, freshly made and have regional provenance. The dining setting has changed from a traditional hostelry to comfortable, yet trendy family friendly atmospheres. Traditional sunday roasts are combined with kid's meals and home made sticky toffee puddings are usually on the menu. Food is now a key component to a pub's profitability, and has allowed pubs to make money throughout the day.

Pub Differentiation

The pub sector is vibrant and has bucked the economic trend since 2008. Whilst the traditional pub has near disappeared, two distinct types of pub have emerged. National pub chains have led their food charge with good every day, very well priced meals. These meals are available throughout the day, and the menu choice tends to be very wide. However, this food is mostly pre-prepared and the chefs in the kitchen tend to simply re-heat meals that have been made at a central location.

Gastro Trend Marches On!

The second type of pub is that of the Gastro pub, whereby the professional chef has taken over the kitchen. Their many years of chef training are now being used to produce dishes of the highest quality, and using the highest quality ingredients. Visual impact is key to the presentation, and hence this sector concentrates on not only the look of the food, but also the dishes, cutlery etc. Chunky fries are served in small metal bucket, mini hamburgers on wooden slabs.