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New from Country Range launching this April

Our new range is packed with 17 tasty fillings, salads and dips. They come pre-cooked, ready to use and can be added directly in your ‘Grab & Go’ menus or even be used as a base to create exciting new dishes! This taste range includes meat based, vegetarian and vegan options. All of our Fillings and Dips are in a 1kg sealed tub, as is Potato Salad. Our Luxury Coleslaw is 2kg and Couscous & Roast Vegetables is a 1.5kg tub. Throughout the month of April you can save on all 17 lines in your Stir It Up promotions.

For the love of sandwiches

While the beloved sandwich has been a classic favourite food item ever since it was supposedly coined by the Earl of Sandwich in the 18th century, our preference for fillings and carriers has evolved greatly over the years. As we become increasingly time-poor, customers are looking for a food-to-go item that is portable, easy to eat on the move and customisable - an everyday expectation of customers, students and residents. The sandwich - in whatever guise - is the perfect versatile solution as there are numerous options to suit any taste or dietary requirement as the carrier, filling, sauce and dressings can be switched and swapped. To help take the headache out of creating great ideas for your menus we've explored the latest food and cuisine trends to create a range of amazing sandwich and food-to-go ideas - whether you're a restaurant, cafe, school or care home there are solutions to suit all sectors.

Recipe Inspiration

Our brand new Country Range Fillings, Salads & Dips can be used in so many different ways. To give you a few ideas we have made a recipe booklet containing over 40 ideas! Make a Houmous, Tomato & Goats Cheese Flat Bread, Cajun Spicy Chicken Soup or Cous Cous & Vegetable Stuffed Peppers. Take a look!

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The British Sandwich Association estimates that 11.5 billion sandwiches a year are eaten in the UK!