Indoor Activity Play

Where can I take the kids?

Let's face it, the UK is not always ideal from a weather perspective to entertain the kids with outdoor activities and pursuits. It's either too cold or too wet. Or more to the point, when the weather is fabulous there is not always a plethera of destinations that are "kid friendly". Hence the emegence of the indoor activity centres. Usually located in out of town locations, these centres have perfected the combination keeping the kids entertained and allowing parents to socialise. Traditionally called indoor soft play areas, they allow kids of all ages to play alongside their friends or siblings in safe and vibrant environments. The indoor play centre has introduced the modern kids to rope play, to slides, to crawling through plastic tubes. And in most cases, has "forced" the parents to join them having fun in plastic ball pools!!

Fun + Fitness

Every parent wants their kids to have fun, socialise with their friends and generally run off that excess energy. The advantage of doing this in a soft play centre is that the parents don't have to tidy up the house afterwards and cater for the hungry kids themselves. The huge variety of play equipment in the play centres means the kids can spend hours, playing and excersing, whilst the parents can watch from afar whilst drinking a coffee, eating a sandwich and socialising with other parents.

Perfect for kid's parties

With captive audiences enjoying themselves, the indoor play centres are perfect for kids parties. They have developed fenced off areas and rooms that can be booked for party guests, serving party food to all the hungry youngsters. Fresh baton carrots and cucumber are usually combined with pizza and chicken nuggets. The food is mostly simple in these parties, but that is only mostly due to the limitation of the kitchen facilities. The more modern centres have invested far more heavily in their kitchen and cooking staff, and now they can provide freshly made pizzas out of pizza ovens.