Garden Centres

Garden centres are now big!

Visiting a garden centre these days is a truly wonderful experience. This sector has re-invented itself and now provides all ages of customers with a full selection of goods and services that no-one could of imagined. Such is the re-invention, that a garden centre's revenue from selling plants is only 33% of its total!! The remainder of the revenue comes from restaurants, cafes, selling impulse icecreams and endless varieties of gifts, books, furniture etc.


Garden Centre food offering is usually cleverly focused on natural and farm associated products.

All-day attractions

Garden centres have made themselves destination of choice, because customers can literally spend all day being entertained with all their varied offerings. Breakfasts, Lunch, afternoon teas and dinner options are always available in their restaurants or cafes. Coffee, tea and cakes are served throughout the day, for those customers who simply want a snack. Whilst garden centres have a broad appeal, their clientel during the daylight week day hours are usually either AOPs or parents with kids. The weekend customers are mainly young families, who are able to shop whilst knowing that there is always something for the kids to do. The broad customer set means that the menu choices are very wide, with the need to keep bringing in new innovative products on a regular basis.

Parental Bliss

Garden centres have given parents a brilliant location to take their children. The environment is always clean and safe, and a perfect location for chatty mums to catch up whilst their kids are entertained in soft play areas. The added bonus is that the food choices for kids are brilliant, with kids meal deals and low sugar, kid appealing soft drinks always available. The parents additionally educate their children by taking them around the garden centre and showng them plants and flowers.