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Frozen breads are a complex category in food service. Petit Pain with butter on a side plate accompanying a bowl of soup are pretty much old school, and the general frozen bread market place is now dynamic. Caterers putting a high quality, European style bread products on a dining tables or at catering events can now create immense differentiation and also create much large GPs.

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  1. Grill Marked Panini (small)

    Sku: FBK074

    Size: 40 × 107.5G
  2. Tennessee Grillhouse Bun

    Sku: FBK334

    Size: 45 × 80GM
  3. Alabama Grillhouse Bun

    Sku: FBK333

    Size: 45 × 80GM
  4. Panesco Tramessino Pomodore Bread

    Sku: FBK061

    Size: 6 × 1KG
  5. Panesco Tramessino Rye Bread

    Sku: FBK059

    Size: 6 × 1KG
  6. Panesco Tramessino White Bread

    Sku: FBK060

    Size: 6 × 1KG
  7. Speciality Breads Glazed Brioche Hot Dog Rolls

    Sku: FBK307

    Size: 72 × 70G
  8. Speciality Breads Seeded & Sliced Brioche Buns

    Sku: FBK309

    Size: 45 × 90G
  9. Delifrance Flat Polar Bread

    Sku: FBK045

    Size: 24 × 175G
  10. Speciality Breads Rosemary Focaccia Sheets

    Sku: FBK318

    Size: 5 × 1400G
  11. Speciality Breads Tomato & Basil Focaccia Rolls (Vegan)

    Sku: FBK314

    Size: 40 × 100G
  12. Hirata Buns

    Sku: FBK155

    Size: 1 × 60"
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