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How can we help you?

These are a few frequently asked questions.  We will be adding to this section as we get more from our customers.


Do I have to be a Turner Price customer to register on this site?

No.  You can register your details on this site even if you are not a Turner Price customer.  That means you will be put on our mailing list and keep up to date with all our new products and general news.

I am already a Turner Price customer and have login details to your old site. Do I need to register again?

Yes.  I am afraid so.  Our new site is on a totally different platform and therefore we need to you register again.  But is is quick and easy.  Please just press the register button at the top of every page and then follow the simple instructions.

Can I set up more than one person to have access to my account?

Yes.  We can create SUB Accounts for you, which will enable you to give access / limited access to other people.  Please register yourself, and we will activate the main account for you.  You will then have to ring into Turner Price, and arrange all the sub accounts to be created.

Do I need to register to order online?

Yes.  You have to register if you wish to order any products online.  Once your account is activated you will see all your available delivery days, your product prices and all your invoices / credit notes.


Is there a minimum order value?

Yes, the online system will block you from making an order if your total order value ( excluding VAT) is less than £50.  If you would like to place an "addition" to an existing order and this is less than £50 in value, please contact our telesales team.

What is the latest time I can place my order?

You will need to submit your online order before 11.30pm.  If you submit your order after this time, your order will still be received but it will not be delivered on the next working day.  The delivery will default to your next scheduled delivery day.

How can I make my ordering experience quicker on this site?

Goto the Accounts page, once you are logged in.  There you will see 3 quick options for you to place your order.  You can simply COPY a Previous Order, you can upload an order from an Excel file or you can place an order through a previous list you have created.

Can I see my order online, even if I did not place the order online?

Yes.  Even if you placed your order with our sales office, you can go on line to CHECK the order OR you can TRACK the progress of the order.  All these functionalities are within the Accounts section.

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