Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Local Authority, Academy Status, Colleges and Universities.

Local Authority Contracts

Turner Price currently holds 2 local authority contracts in which we provide all the ambient food, chilled food, frozen food, fresh meat and fresh vegetables to primary and secondary schools within hull, Humberside, Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. In total we deliver to approx. 350 local authority schools.

The Education Sector Has Many Challenges

Primary schools require many food items that fit into strict nutritional and cooking guidelines, such as products with low salt. Whilst at the same time providing foods that primary aged children will actually eat. Salmon fishcakes might hit some of the nutritional guidelines, but there are not many primary school children that will eat them! Turner Price has a huge amount of experience in this area, and we work with suppliers and our customers to constantly keep ahead of all food and eating trends.

Secondary schools have a challenge of keeping their children on site and eating the food that is being cooked in their kitchens, rather than go off site and spend their money else-where. Here, the school kitchen is in direct competition with the high street. Therefore a school needs to provide a huge variety of foods each day, from cold sandwiches, hot baguettes, on the go curry boxes to a hot homemade cottage pie with vegetables.

Food options throughout the day

Colleges and Universities need to provide food options throughout the day, and not just at fixed times of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Young students are very food conscious, and want to eat trendy foods in environments where they can socialise and study. Turner Price works with many suppliers to deliver branded food concepts to higher education establishments.