Specialist wholesaler in the care, carehome and hospitals sectors.

Our Core Business

Turner Price is a specialist wholesaler for the care sector, and we currently supply food to over 500 care homes across our entire delivering geography. Historically, the care sector has been at the core of our business, and hence we stock a vast amount of both ambient and frozen products that are ideal for care home catering. More recently, a lot of our care home customers are using us for a complete one stop shop, and so we are also providing all their fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and milk. A normal care home customer requires between 2 and 3 deliveries per week.

The Importance of Food

Food is potentially one of the most important aspects of life when you or one of your relatives are being cared for in a care home. Residents look forward to the daily routine of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, and see these times as social as well as nutritional. The catering staff have the constant challenge of providing nutritious and tasty foods to their residents 7 days a week, whilst also catering for residents with specific dietary requirements. Some residents will require extra calorific diets to ensure they maintain a healthy weight, and other residents will require special preparation of all their foods as they are suffering from dysphagia.

Memory Triggers

Food is somewhat like music, as it can trigger memories and moments from earlier on in your life. That’s why care homes cook classic dishes like toad in the hole or sticky toffee pudding with custard, and provide bourbon biscuits for afternoon tea. With fond memories and good tasting food, the residents can enjoy their every-day life in an environment that cares for them.