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New This Month: November

New This Month: November
Posted in: Product focus

Are you wondering what is NEW this month?

In Turner Price, we have our hands extremely busy delivering newbies to our customers.

If you love new and developed products as much as we do, you're at the right place.

Look into our new delicious range to also deliver the best to your customers this season!


 ! Tasty products displayed below !

Country Range is already in a festive mood with its wide range of delicious cakes. 

Spice Pear, Toffee and Cranberry Naked Cake

Black Cherry Charlotte

Vegan Black Forest Fudge Cake

Jaffa Chocolate Mountain Cake

Continuing with sweet treats... 

Chocolate Mousse Star

Baileys Melt in the Middle Pudding





Have You Tried Jaffa Jonut?

Taste like your regular Jaffa cake, but in donut version!  

We gave it thumbs up for amazing taste and creativity.



Bowl Bread

Fill yours with salad, soup or upgrade your regular breakfast into a bowl breakfast.



Saccottini Pomodoro

Saccottini filled with tomatoes and mozzarella.


Southern Fried Popcorn

Prawn pieces in a southern fried flavour coating. 


Vegan Burger

Packed with plant protein, vitamin B12 and natural ingredients.

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4 November 2021
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