Indulge in Carron Lodge's Festive Cheese Selections

Indulge in Carron Lodge's Festive Cheese Selections
16 November 2023 33 view(s)
Indulge in Carron Lodge's Festive Cheese Selections

 If you're a cheese lover like us, then you're in for a treat. As the festive season approaches, it's the perfect time to elevate your entertaining game with a show-stopping cheeseboard that will impress your guests. We have everything you need with Carron Lodge's extensive product range.

Classic Christmas Cheese

Brie - Creamy, indulgent cheese with a velvety texture, delicate flavor, and a hint of earthiness

Camembert -  Soft, bloomy rind cheese with a lusciously creamy interior, offering rich and buttery flavors with a slight hint of mushroom

Goats Cheese Log - A tangy and creamy cheese with a distinctive aroma, showcasing a unique flavor profile that is mildly acidic and slightly earthy

Stilton - Crumbly yet creamy blue cheese with a distinct bold flavor, characterized by its tangy and nutty notes, often enjoyed with a glass of port wine

Red Leicester - A firm English cheese with a distinct reddish-orange color, smooth texture, and a nutty, caramel-like flavor that is slightly sweet and tangy


New for Christmas 2023

Trufflewood - Let the rich, savoury flavours of cheddar cheese blended with Italian truffle transport you to a whole new realm of taste sensation

True Grit - A cheese with attitude and personality with a gritty texture. A true delight for any cheese connoisseur

Woodland Oak - A savoury and indulgent treat for the senses. As you unwrap the packaging, the earthy aroma of oak permeates the air

Red Hot - Double Gloucester Cheese with Chillies, Bell Peppers, and Garlic is a must-try for all cheese lovers

Wee Dram - Cheddar cheese dances in harmony with woody and earthy notes of Scotch Whisky, transporting you to the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands


Festive Must Haves

Santas Hat - A strong Lancashire cheese, traditionally made, shaped and waxed to look like Santa's Hat

White Stilton with Fruit & Brandy - This cheese has all the flavours of the holiday season with a kick of brandy to ensure this indulgent product never fails to impress

Wensleydale with Chocolate & Orange -  A variation of the original Wensleydale cheese, flavored with high-quality chocolate and zesty orange peel

Wensleydale wih Cranberry & Kirsch -  A variation of the traditional Wensleydale cheese that is infused with cranberries and kirsch, a type of cherry brandy

Cheddar with Port - Cheddar hand made on the farm at Inglewhite blended with Ruby Port to create a unique and complex flavor