Extension of Arla Pro Mozzarella Range

Extension of Arla Pro Mozzarella Range
14 July 2022 31 view(s)

Extension of Arla Pro Mozzarella Range

Arla Pro is brought to you by Arla Foods, a farmer-owned cooperative and home to leading dairy brands, from Lurpak® butter to Cravendale® milk. For over 130 years, they have worked together to deliver quality dairy products to the world. With Arla Pro, they put that same passion and spirit into working with professional kitchens.

They are dairy partners to chefs and foodservice businesses around the globe. Dedicated to bringing restaurants and foodservice businesses the partnership they need for success – whether that means working towards their sustainability goals or helping their business transform.

3 New cheeses added to the range

Made specifically for professionals - packed 6 x 2kg


Also available in the range

Assorted cheese portions - 50 x 20g


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