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Country Range Student Chef Challenge

Country Range Student Chef Challenge
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Are You Up To The Challenge?

Country Range is, yet again, keen on recognising new culinary talents.

The challenge has been a great success in previous years and since 2016 reaching over 16 million readers from all PR activities.


What does it take?

If you have a talented team of 3 students who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, work well under the pressure but also want to enhance their CV and be recognised within the industry, we have you covered!


What do I need to do before signing up?

Apart from putting an excellent team together, you need to prepare a menu. This year is to cook and present two portions of a three-course meal, comprising Canapes, Guineafowl main course and a dessert in a 90-minute timeframe. We highly encourage you to utilise our comprehensive range of Country Range ingredients available at In case you’re not a customer, please email who will assist you.


If all above is ticked, you can now sign up!

To sign up follow the process below:



Where do I go?

The Live Regional Heats will take place between January-February 2022 in various locations.

The Live Grand Final will be taking place 22nd of March 2022, 12-1:30pm HRC Show, London’s ExCel.


Will I get any prize?

YES! No one will leave empty-handed. Winners will however receive a bunch of prizes; from jackets, certificates, medals to professional chef knives. In addition, they will also receive their stage at a Michelin starred restaurant and then dine at the restaurant with the Challenge and Craft Guild of Chefs Team.


  The DEADLINE is 26th of NOVEMBER 2021

5 November 2021
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