Bring on The DUKES!  The recently launched, exquisite and exciting, perfect chip! Introducing The Dukes of Chippingdom – proper British chips.  Distinctively natural, gloriously golden, royally rustic, thick-cut chips, made from 100% British potatoes - provenance matters, so it’s important to flag up Britishness on your menu.

Some 29% of consumers agree that operators should put a greater focus on locally sourced products.  The number of dishes that are described on menus with references to British regions has increased.  Dishes with components described as British have the largest share, with 116 recorded by MCA’s Menu Tracker – up from 102 last year (autumn/winter 2018 vs autumn/winter 2017).

Amongst the greatest chips fans are pub customers; more than half (56.2%) of pub dinner occasions include chips, fries or wedges as a side and chunky, thick-cut chips are the most ordered potato product in pubs.

In a consumer test, almost 40% declared their love of chips as a side, more than 60% said they prefer skin-on in a pub.  And 35% prefer them plain, while for 26% loaded is the preferred serving option.  A huge 72% are willing to pay a bit more in a pub for a British sourced product.

The most important attributes of a chip, according to consumers, are: crispiness outside, cut size (thick), fluffiness inside, a hand-cut appearance, decent portion size and served up hot.


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