Chicken Trends

Who doesn’t love chicken? With the KFC vegan burger trial with Quorn, the future is bright for no chicken products. Chicken has a versatile texture and flavour that’s loved by so many different cultures that it’s rarely off the menu. For meat free, we can learn from the experimentation with flavour.

Popular Cuisines and Flavours

With a huge focus on Asian-inspired dishes, we didn’t have to go far to be reminded of the dominance of this delicious cuisine. Popping up in unexpected garnishes and sauces, favourites like miso mayo, chili sambal and dahl were being served up for all dayparts, including breakfast!


Brunch is being taken more seriously the more traction it gains as an offering. From the classic bacon brioche roll, to more exotic dishes such as broken tofu, shredded cabbage, and chili sambal on sourdough toast, we witnessed the diversity that brunch has to offer!

Plant-based Dining

The ‘Meat Free Monday’ concept is now being seen to extend throughout the week. From morning to night, meat free menu options were on show – and were extremely popular to boot. It’s now a prerequisite that restaurants offer a vegan alternative. Even seafood, which has always been challenging to replicate as vegan in the past, has seen huge improvement.


Author - Quorn Foodservice