More Veganism growth is anticipated with good old vegetables making a comeback, root vegetables in particular. Also, with their coconut like flavour, fig leaves are expected to make an appearance, along with honey as many restaurants installing their own bee-hives, to infuse with a variety of flavours from spicy chilli to distinct flower flavours.

Ice cream is getting a make-over, with local suppliers making unusual savoury, as well as sweet flavours. Look out for products like avocado, hummus, tahini and cheese appearing in favourite frozen dessert. Cuttlefish and shrimp paste will have more of a presence on menus, and many chefs are now opting to cook on open fire grills and BBQ's in the kitchen as they realise the incredible flavours from charring and smoking can give to foods.

Pulses are also on the way back, especially those grown in the UK (low food miles). Rich, earthy and nutty flavours, lentil dishes will appear again, deemed to be healthy and nutritious. Spelt will be an ingredient in many dishes and the rise of spelt bread is inevitable.

The younger generation are opting to drink low or non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as Artisanal soft drinks and craft beer without the ABV. Premium leaf tea and flavoured leaf tea will also see a huge surge.