2 New Chilled Potato Products From Peka

2 New Chilled Potato Products From Peka
4 July 2022 36 view(s)

2 New Chilled Potato Products From Peka

Peka Kroef is a flexible collaborative partner for the food industry. They supply potatoes in their purest form. No salt, no additives, simply natural. These potatoes are perfectly suited for caterers preparing meals for large groups. 

They are constantly optimising their products and recipes. Their product range is innovative, high-quality and responds to market trends. This is why customers time and again opt for their potato products with pleasure and allow themselves to be amazed by their taste, nutritional value and ease of preparation.

Peka Chilled Cooked Mash Potato 2kg

  • Vacuum packed, pasteurised
  • Can be steamed, microwaved, oven baked and boiled in bain-marie
  • saves prep time
  • less wastage

Peka Chilled Dauphinoise Potato 2kg

  • Vacuum packed
  • Can be oven baked or microwaved
  • saves prep time
  • Less wastage


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