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The Future of Our Industry

Stir It Up Magazine have created a Foodservice Trend Guide for the upcoming trends of 2019 and 2020. Eating out seems to still be a high priority to consumers, as recent statistics show that 59% of people ate out at a pub, 57% had ordered a takeaway and 56% had eaten fast food in the month of October last year. To keep consumers interested and driving them to spend their money on going out for meals, this guide contains 6 interesting, yet exciting new trends to help keep your business up to date within it’s sector.

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The Trends

The 6 hottest trends that we will see entering our industry will change what businesses have to offer and how they work. We can see that Gen Z and the Millennials have the most control over the upcoming trends, with the older generation wanting to see classic foods like fish and chips, whilst the younger generation wants focus on the likes of veganism and plant-based diets. Businesses are becoming more eco-friendly, and focused on health and wellness as the interest in feeling fit and healthy has taken off rapidly across all generations. Menus will have a frequent change as the public feel that lack of change is boring for menus; driven by both Gen Z and Millennials who are in search for foods to entice their exotic taste buds. 42% of consumers say that pubs and bars have lost their ‘community spirit’ due to technology and the digital world we now live in. Not only this, we have a fast paced world where our lives just don’t stop! Due to this, the rise of food-to-go has increased phenomenally, it has been said that this market will be worth £23.5 billion by 2022!

78% of readers said that what they read in the monthly magazine influences their menus!

Keeping on Track

We understand that caterers from all sectors need insights and guidance to the adjustments in customer behaviour and environmental changes. This magazine is the trend document for the year, and with the additional use of the monthly magazines, we can ensure that our customers will up to speed with what their consumers want, whether that’s education or hospitality or health and welfare.